Val Genova gives many activities to its guests, here are our favorites:

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Waterfall trail

the path can be taken from PONTE VERDE and in 2 hours of walking you will reach the PONTE DELLE TRINCEE where you cross the river and in 500m you will reach us

Val Genova by bike

Starting from Carisolo there are 17 km of paved mountain road, the valley has almost 1000 meters in altitude so we recommend e-bikes

Major Malina Trail

the path can be reached at PONTE DELLE TRINCEE where it develops both to the right and to the left of the river forming an 8 the trenches of the war are the protagonists of this itinerary

Waterfall trail LONG

for the more resistant walkers the path can continue up to the Pedruc waterfall, the whole path has 8 waterfalls, will you be able to see them all?